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My Tagger Kits
If you have purchased any tubes in the past
that now requires a licence
you can apply for a license-exchange

Join My Team

Tagger Creative Team Requirements
I am currently looking for some talented people to help support me in launching my Tagger product range and fun challenges.

I currently make for taggers:
  • Scrap Kits
  • Tubes
looking for Taggers and Tutorial Writers please specify which you are able to do


Actively promote:
  • My new products
  • Sales
  • Challenges/Tutorials
-You would be expected to make three tags per month using my products

-I run bi weekly challenges, one of those tags you make would need to be made using the requirements of one of the challenges, you get to choose which one you wish to participate in.

-If you make Tutorials three tags with tutorials per month (you do not have to participate in challenge)

You will need to:
  • Advertise via a blog (including my tagger blog)
  • Your blog must be active (at least for the last three months)
  • Other social networks like Face book, twitter, forums, Yahoo Groups and galleries.(Dependent on what you use)
  • Wear my logo button with pride linked to my Tagger blog or store
-You can request to work with as many products as you like as long as requirements are met for each product.

-You can work with my Tubes, Scrap Kits, Digi Stamps and Clip Art but I do ask that if you want a scrap kit two creations are made using it.

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